essay on importance of computer in today's life

likely be without that item for a good period of time. In schools they will help the learners to comprehend the basic concepts better with the help of video or audio examples. We drive fast cars. Not only does it take time to fix the computer when it breaks, it takes a good amount of money too. Internet, with the help of internet on computers we stay connected with our friends and family. You are able to type professional looking papers that are not hard to read because of bad hand writing. Through much advancement in the technology and how it makes our lives easier, it also makes them more difficult. Computers also act as highly reliable scientific equipment. Some institutions in India are using computers for presenting the subject concerned. The advanced countries have already adopted computers as a teaching aid. It is now possible for the commercial establishments to reach the people globally.

It can be printed error - free by a dot matrix. They are a pack of entertainment, information, knowledge and intelligence. Also, we can watch movies, videos, news, etc., on computers with internet. But with all the advancements that make our lives easier, the computer can also be intimidating and frustrating as well. Computers are great sources for entertainment.

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