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to see what that ends up looking like for students, you know, five years from now. I liked that because each group was doing their own version of the same project, so you got to see how people took the assignment and made it their own. When I was eight or nine, I learned html and CSS and always figured I would do something with computers in the future. Code Fellows Kenneth Graduate Course: Code 401: Advanced Software Development in Full-Stack JavaScript Campus: Seattle Great for Vets, Diverse student body, great for everyone! How have you been able to stay involved with Code Fellows? I was more comfortable in the homework weeks because youre learning how to do something and youre implementing a similar application of it in the homework. When I was in college my actual degree had very little to do with any sort of building websites or tools to actually use. I had to get there an hour early every day because I carpooled with my wife.

When I was 15 years old, I learned to do a little bit of html and did some website design. I dont think of them as having started junior and become more senior; our organization is very flat. I actually worked on this project for both project weeks; we just made it better and added more features the second time. Mike Anderson, who worked at Code Fellows at the time, asked me if I wanted to work on agency-style web development with him at an agency called Belief Agency. Liz Eggleston12/19/2014 Code Fellows Although components of a descriptive essay John Shiver had a stable job as an underwriting lawyer, he turned to Code Fellows when he was ready for a career change. . Were going to be partnering each week, and the partners will pair program to produce each code assignment.