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both the world's older and newer democracies. It really is a classic, which means you can't avoid it forever. A bit of a slog to get through at times, but overall really original, useful (to the extent that a collection of essay about deliberative democracy can be useful and thought-provoking material here.more). This is a book about a book. Substantively, the essays are of a really high quality. Besides, if you're the type of person that's going to read this book, you're probably the type that wants to / has to read. The 1996 publication of Amy Gutmann and Dennis. You will however not have read the case studies that are explained in D D and used as a basis of critique in this work. This volume is a collection of essays by notable political philosophers and legal scholars on the concept of "deliberative democracy".

The possibly exception is the concluding essay, where Gutmann and Thompson respond to their critics, but that's not especially surprising - they're playing a largely defensive role there, so they don't have the luxury of writing a creative dissenting piece. Ok, snark aside, this is a series of essays dealing with - and mostly critiquing from a friendly perspective - Gutmann Thompson's hugely important (in the subfield of democratic theory). Gutmann and Thompson contribute a response to critics. So the first question: do you need to have read D D in order to understand the goings-on of this book? Gutmann and Thompson's 2004 This is a book about a book. But many questions surround this new project. Each piece was interesting in its own right, and I can't think of any that didn't make at least one original contribution to the literature. Democracy and Disagreement by Amy Gutmann and Dennis Thompson, published in 1966 by Harvard, which propelled this theory into the scholarly limelight and which has been the single most important locus of this recent discussion.

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In large part these essays form a response to and criticism of the highly influential book. So my assessment: you can read this book independently in a pinch, but I think you will get more out of the essays if you read D D first. With this theory, moral issues like abortion or affirmative action can be discussed using an enriched process of deliberation that forces citizens to take into account the moral claims of others. No surprise here, given the contributors. Is much shorter than D D, and updated to boot. That book provides a theory about how to adjudicate between theories. In Deliberative Politics an all-star cast of political, legal, and moral commentators seek to criticize, extend, or provide alternatives to Gutmann and Thompson's hopeful model of democratic deliberation.

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