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or Italian have evolved from Latin, and Hindi from Sanskrit. Both of them are very hard to acquire, so only humans can do these things. De-mergers can occur by means of divestitures, carve-outs spinoffs or tracking stocks. Their language skills are developed in all aspects. In conclusion, children language acquisition has regular stages. This one-word stage can last from two months to a year. Infants communicate through crying, fussing, smiling, body movements, and other nonverbal behaviors. A merger can happen when two companies decide to combine into one entity or when one company buys another. Throughout the 19th century linguistic research was very strongly historical in character.

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Process Rubric, actually, when they make a sound which can be heard as language, they are just training their vocalization. Language acquisition seems to happen at lightning speed. It must, however, be noted that despite the obvious distinctions and the preference to view these on a continuum (Dörnyei, 2007:25), they have ideological differences, a contrast in categorization and a contrast in the perception of individual diversity which permeates the methodology used. Final stage is linguistic communication. The point of intersection X indicates that neither excludes the other completely. During a childs development, there are a series of time periods, or windows, in which a child can best learn or refine a particular ability, such as speech. It is his belief that?the very seeds of language learning, in fact, start to develop in the womb? This supports the theory of Noam Chomsky (1959). One of the principal aims of the subject was to group language families on the basis of independent development from a common source, or to study language change. They do this by reminding the child to always say?Thank you? For example, a typical conversation a parent may say is Look at daddy.

252) there are four main components to language acquisition. Diachronic linguistics concerns language in its historical development (Greek dia through, chronos time). Out of this came a process-oriented approach, focusing on changes in individual involvement over time. It also investigates language change. Syntax is important because the child learns to combine words correctly or grammatically. But over the first few months of life, the brains higher centers explode with new synapses. In the first part of this paper I will describe the process of language acquisition. The infants speech will not be perfect, but gradually, the childs utterances will approximate more and more that of a native speaker.

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