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signs him with the sign of the Cross on the forehead and on the breast, that Christ, who was crucified for our sins, may take possession of him on the forehead, to signify that a Christian must never be ashamed to make open profession. After having put to flight the tyrant who holds in captivity every one that comes into the world, the priest imprints on the person to be baptized the seal of another Master, Christ Himself. The violet color signifies the unhappy state to which sin has reduced mankind.

Daniel had time, and cared for anyone who crossed his path. Click on the image below. who taking their lamps went forth to meet the bridegroom; it is intended to remind the person baptized that, being now a child of light, he must walk as a child of light, and keep the lamp of faith ever burning with the oil. Welcome, welcome to the web site. The anointing between the shoulders signifies the necessity of the like grace, in order to bear and support all the adversities and crosses of this mortal life. We seek the kingdom of God through the liturgical worship of the Byzantine rite, through prayer and the ascetic struggle and in the fellowship of the gospel, bearing one anothers burdens, till we reach the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ. Local Contact Numbers: Parish priest: Fr Chrysostom, tel. Addressing himself to the godfather and godmother, he asks the name by which the child is to be called. The priest, as God's representative, then lays his hand on the head of the person to be baptized, to denote possession in the name of the Almighty. He was always very kind. The ceremonies used by the Church in the traditional administration of Baptism are very ancient. This ceremony, then, signifies that the person baptized must make known to the world the sweet savor of the law of God, by the good example of a virtuous and holy conversation; and show by all his works that it is the doctrine of Christ.

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