deforestation essay pdf

the plants and animals in the fragments of forest that remain also become increasingly vulnerable, sometimes even committed, to extinction. From the rural sector, no doubt, there are reasons that contribute to the deforestation scenario. We must also not forget the indifferent attitude of the forest officials towards the villagers, who are often dubbed illiterates, and at times made the scapegoat. Hence, forests end up as the production centres of many goods.

Deforestation, essay, effects of, de - forestation

deforestation essay pdf

Deforestation, essay, example for Free Deforestation for Children and Students

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Lets split atoms not wood. The forest is an important natural resource for any country and deforestation retards a countrys development. The earth is leached of minerals by the large amounts of water. This era is characterized by a hedonistic attitude of the people, coupled with total disregard for the environment. Forests act as a major carbon store because carbon dioxide (CO2) is taken up from the atmosphere and used to produce the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that make up the tree. (ii) There will be no natural filtering of the water from the forests.

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