academic phd thesis colossians 1 15-20

to sell it for a bowl of stew (Genesis 25:29ff). ( Colossians 1 Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges ) S Lewis Johnson illustrates reconciliation - When we think of an illustration in the New Testament, one of the illustrations that comes to my mind is the parable of the forgiving father, often called the. This does not mean literally that he was the first who rose from the dead, for he himself raised up Lazarus and others, and the bodies of saints arose at his crucifixion; but it means that he had the pre-eminence among them all; he was. Christ alone is preeminent over all the universe because He alone is the image of the invisible God. Most of us have some spiritual Achilles' heel. It means to exchange hostility for friendship.

But in Bible times, that was impossible. The reason nothing is now being created is because Christ created all things in the past.

The perfect tense of the verb " hold together " emphasizes the permanence of the cohesion in Christ. (Systematic theology, page 540) Here is an interesting "side note" on the blood of Christ - In Ps 22:6 speaking of His crucifixion Jesus called Himself a ' worm ' saying "I am a worm and not a man, a reproach of men and despised. So He continues to live by the power of an indestructible life. There is only one wayJesus Christ. ( Colossians 1 - Albert Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible ) Wiersbe comments that "It seems odd that Paul used the word born in connection with death, for the two concepts seem opposed to each other. In last weeks message and in todays I want to suggest an alternative. The only explanation for their being counted fit for this saintly inheritance is that the Father has made them fithas rendered them worthy.