samuel eliot morison essay

be also concerned lest political and constitutional history fall into desuetude. Retrieved October 26, 2011. The American historian of architecture, education, labor, medicine, or any other social subject, should have a sense of chronology and not apply to 1850 the standards of 1950, or ignore the context and attendant circumstances of ideas, principles, and events that he may consider abominable. Fifty years ago, it was difficult to find any general history of the United States that did not present the Federalist-Whig-Republican point of view, or express a very dim view of all Democratic leaders except Cleveland. Since 1945 a spate of "liberty documents" and the like are competing for adoptions, and for the tedium of required readers. The University of North Carolina Press, 1999,. Fashions in history are constantly changing. Truslow Adams and other popular historians of the day: the steeple-hatted, long-faced Puritan living in a log cabin and planning a witch-hunt or a battue of Quakers as a holiday diversion. But the historian who knows, or thinks he knows, an unmistakable lesson of the past, has the right and the duty to point it out, even though it counteract his own beliefs or social theories. History As A Literary Art. On August 1, 1951, he was transferred to the Honorary Retired List of the Naval Reserve and was promoted to Rear Admiral on the basis of combat awards. No person without an inherent loyalty to truth, a high degree of intellectual honesty, and a sense of balance, can be a great or even a good historian.

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Christopher Columbus was born in the port city of Genoa, Italy in 1451.
By Samuel Eliot Morison.
From the Deweyesque education for life horror as is Morison.

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The historical profession will have little use for timid pedants, whose ambition goes no farther than to get a firm footing on one of the lower steps of the academic escalator, proceeding painlessly from twilight vs dracula essay one professorial grade to another until overtaken by death and oblivion. One might add"tion to"tion, merely to show that for almost 2500 years, in the Hebraic-Hellenic-Christian civilization that we inherit, truth has been recognized as the essence of history. Professors Bulletin, xxvii (1950 353. His research for the latter book included sailing many of the routes taken by Champlain, and tracing others by airplane. Dialectical materialists who did not go communist are now rather lonely.

samuel eliot morison essay

Essay which was a part of the author s Attack on Leviathan (pub.
Essays and Addresses.
Samuel Eliot Morison (New York, I953).

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