fuel from plastic waste research paper pdf

of sample was heated and stirred continuously for every 1 C rise in temperature. It is the temperature at which the vapour is produced to sustain a flame. Renew Sustain Energy Rev 14, 233248 (2010) CrossRef Google Scholar. Build a condensation tube of copper, steel, or aluminium. The residue material was separated using Whatman. 10 Production of Gaseous and Liquid Fuels by Pyrolysis and Gasification of Plastics: Technological Approach. Collect some waste plastic items and shred them to pieces for faster and better reaction. Hence an alternative catalyst has to be introduced in the process, which must bring about a reduction in the energy consumption and an increase in the yield. Keep the fumes, produced in the reaction, away from fire and from electrical points.

Fuel from plastic waste research paper pdf
fuel from plastic waste research paper pdf

Annual production of plastic, the process: (Greenpeace, 2011) 1- Shredding 2- Heating 3- Filtering, products. Table 1 Melt flow index and the density of the raw materials Catalyst The catalyst influences not only the structure of the products, but also their yield. Faravelli,., Pinciroli,., Pisano,., Bozzano,., Dente,., Ranzi,.: Thermal degradation of polystyrene. After successive distillations, we extracted four distinct products, which on the basis of boiling point, odour and calorific values, were concluded to be benzene, toluene and even a mixture similar to diesel! Wddin,.A., Koizumip,., Murata,., Sakata,.: Thermal structurally and catalytic degradation of different types of polyethylene into fuel oil.

The flash point is used to determine the (1) volatility of liquid fuels, (2) amount of low boiling fraction present in the liquid fuel, and (3) explosion hazards. The use of the calcium oxide along with the activated carbon was not proved to be much advantageous (see Table 8 ). The two types of feed patterns were used, namely individual types of plastics and mixed types of plastics.

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