writing thesis using latex

pagenumberingarabic listofalgorithms listoffigures listoftables enddocument This is the end of the second part of this tutorial. I prefer to be asked before, as I want to know which packages are being installed on my system. Tex by writing right after begindocument. We will see later on how we can install and use them. Of course, before start writing anything for your thesis, you will have to get some fancy and helpful software. Another helpful software, not only for your thesis, is called Notepad and is a text editor that serves anything you will need when editing text files. Next, save the document into your projects root directory. We are using document class report and define it by writing begindocument, hello World! If you use packages or templates from other sources, make sure to check the licensing though. Not only that you have real trouble in navigating through your document, but also Texmaker is getting slow if the files are getting too big.

For example, if you are a software developer, you might want to display source code of algorithms in your thesis. Texmaker (Helpful editor to write Latex code inkscape (Vector graphic program dropbox (Save your work in the cloud). This tutorial is rather a guide on which packages are helpful to be used, how you can organize your files, how to insert graphics, create tables and write algorithms in LaTeX. So I created by own structure to be: Title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction. Think about what is more critical, loosing all your work or having the risk of somebody hacking a cloud service seeing your LaTeX code? The command science and beauty essay thesis tells to use the fncychap package with parameter Sonny. Next we are adding the additional lists to the end of the document: listofalgorithms listoffigures listoftables where the list of algorithms needs package usepackagealgorithm Obviously, the lists are empty for now. At the time of writing this post, the latest version.9.4813. But, are you kidding me LaTeX! On the bottom left of Texmaker, there are some buttons, press the.