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down yourself at another library. 22 5 Ensure the accuracy of your research and sources. While it is too early to begin fully delving into your research, you want to be sure that you have a general sense of your topic before you begin narrowing things down. It can sometimes help to change your font or use a different color of ink when you proofread. 4 Ask yourself whether your research question has been answered. Do I have to submit any pre-writing assignments (drafts, outlines, bibliographies, proposals, etc.)? For example, a reader will be more convinced that high school seniors should leave the campus for lunches if the writer can produce solid studies demonstrating a wider availability of nutritional options off campus.

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Using key words and concepts can also bridge paragraphs. Has your thesis opened up new veins for scholarly work that other people might explore? It is therefore crucial that these both be well thought out and, of course, related to one another. What would you like to see other scholars work on in the coming years? Be honest with yourself: is your conclusion accurate? A topic sentence should indicate the main idea of the paragraph.

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