extended essay timeline

Timeline you should prepare your own personal timeline for the research, writing, and reflection required for your. Please be ready to discuss music lyrics promote violence essay your paper in depth with your supervisor. 5-16, 2018 : Supervisor Meeting #6: Analysis and Evaluation At this meeting the student and advisor will discuss the analysis and evaluation in the paper that addresses the research question. Written statement of why your research question is worthy of the investigation. 5-16, 2018 : Supervisor Meeting #1: Research Question and Methodology, at this meeting students will shape and refine a focused and effective research question that is clearly related to the topic of study and will allow for successful research and analysis. At this meeting, students will discuss sources thus far accumulated and the knowledge about the topic and the research question gained from these sources.

Extended essay timeline
extended essay timeline

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Process of the Supervision: (Total of 3 to 5 hours). At this meeting, students will discuss with supervisors the overall knowledge base the student has acquired regarding the topic of the essay and the research question. May 21, 2018 : Junior EE Library Time, students will spend one day in media center (DP class periods only) to work on their extended essay drafts. The student will consider progress made in terms of the collection of sources and quality information from those sources. A copy of all of your primary and secondary sources pertaining to your research question. Click here for two rubrics for the first five pages and ten pages of your extended essay.