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The students I like best tend to be the most challenging both behaviorally and academically. The child may not be progressing as expected for some reason. The next type of classroom is where a child will spend half a day in a regular classroom and the other half in a resource room or special education class. Research Papers 602 words (1.7 pages) - Student and teacher relationships have many benefits for both teacher and student in the classroom.

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tags: education. The new teacher evaluation system, however, seems to be the most relevant, pressing concern. They need to ask the right questions and make the right decisions. A great teacher is one a student remembers and cherishes forever. Good Classroom atm college essay Management Skills. They are excited about influencing students' lives and understand the impact they have. It is also important that a math teacher has the ability to explain how to do a certain math problem in many different ways. Teachers have long-lasting impacts on the lives of their students, and the greatest teachers inspire students toward greatness. tags: teacher evaluation systems. Research Papers 1483 words (4.2 pages) - What makes a good leader. I feel I am good at it, but need to learn more. To be successful, a great teacher must have: An Engaging Personality and Teaching Style.