short essay on peace and development

several factors that disturb peace in the country. The Dalit Panther leader Bhagwat Jadhav was killed during this in 1974. While the people of India largely enjoy a peaceful environment, however, the peace and harmony of the country is disrupted many a times owing to various factors. A third reason can be attributed to the conflicting religions and their beliefs. Instances of Disruption of Peace and Harmony. The conflict in the Middle East can be explained in a number of ways. World wars have been replaced what to write an analytical essay on by small ones. 1969 Gujarat riots, known to be the most deadly Hindu-Muslim riots after the Partition of India, these occurred during September-October 1969. Peace IN THE world, history is a record of wars. 1984 Sikh Massacre : The Sikhs in the country were attacked, by violent mobs.

Peace and harmony is very important for the open-ed essay publication newspaper article smooth functioning of any society. Conclusion Though the Constitution of India gives the right to equality to all its citizens to ensure complete harmony among them, there have been several instances wherein the peace has been disrupted owing to different social, political and economic reasons. Peace and Harmony Essay 3 (400 words). 184 people were reported to be killed during this. The wars that started among the people of the Stone Age are still continuing. During my service, I also aim to have an understanding of other peoples idea of education and encourage them further to give a high regard for this great institution. Religion, certain religious groups try to influence other people and force them to follow their religion or simply belittle other religions.

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