ramzan festival essay in hindi

region: Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nurul Islam. Muharram commemorates the martyrdom of a, grandson of the Prophet Mohmmad. Pongal is also a similar festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu.

Ramzan festival essay in hindi
ramzan festival essay in hindi

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The Hindus and the Muslims embrace one another and exchange greetings on the occasion. In Mysore and Kulu there are special observations on the occasion. Thirty seats are reserved for women members of parliament. Let us see if any significant changes are made in the nominations by political parties. It is considered improper for a visitor to sit on the floor or ground. Other Hindu and Islamic rituals are celebrated in villages and neighborhoods and are dependent on important family or local traditions. Women traditionally are in charge of household affairs and are not encouraged to move outside the immediate neighborhood unaccompanied.