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he was elected to the American Academy of Arts three essays on universal law and Sciences. International comparisons are difficult, as they may look at settlements which, despite being classed in the same category, may be very different in both population size and infrastructure. Public investment in services and infrastructure tends to concentrate on the centres that are defined as urban. They are interlinked and yet distinct from each other. These patterns remain clear throughout the generations. Image Courtesy : g, from the analytical point of view, the characteristics of these two modes of living are represented by two concepts namely ruralism and urbanism. On December 4, 1897, American anthropologist and ethnolinguist. Its essential elements focus on the fact that as a community moves from the folk to the urban end of the continuum, there occur shifts from cultural intimacy and organization to disorganization.

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In modern civilizations, culture is being reduced. Redfield, Robert 1954, the Role of Cities in Economic Development and Cultural Change. The concept of the continuum has been attacked as being simplistic, and overgeneralized, not least because many geographers have detected village-type communities within large cities. 4, robert Redfield Facts, art YourDictionary 5 Robert Redfield, The Folk Society, American Journal of Sociology, Vol. The continuum theory lays emphasis on the rural-urban differences rather than on the rural-urban dichotomy. Advertisements: Rural-Urban Continuum: Meaning and Definitions! The concept relied on a distinction between an isolated primitive community, which has for context only that community and its local and immediate culture, and the peasant community and its culture, where the context is widened to include the elements of the great traditions that. References and Further Reading: 1, robert Redfield, American Anthropologist, a Britannica Onlinet 2, robert Redfield Anthropology, at The University of Chicago 3, redfield, Robert.

Folk, urban, continuum, as Depicted
A description of the
Folk, urban, continuum as depicted by Redfield and

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