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recently given a title by untied kingdoms president that Pakistan is the country which is exporting terrorism in the world. Finally I've got the last paragraph in my essay.

The Idea of Pakistan : The intellectual power and rare insight with which Cohen breaks through the complexity of the subject rivals that of classics that have explained other societies posting a comparable challenge to understanding. In Pakistan from a bus driver to a president each and everyone thinks about them selfs it doesnt matter what happens to Pakistan. Led by renowned South Asia expert Stephen. Hi All; There was a recent thread that digressed a bit into incivility on the subject "Future Tense".

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Please make corrections for errors. We will write a custom essay sample. Target killing, suicide attacks are very common now a days. Future of Pakistan Pakistan is a well known country in world after 911 attacks. Office worker in Pakistan has a fear that will they return home after a hard day at office. Praise for the work of Stephen. Type of mistakes made Wrong Right. Cohens piece is then followed by a number of shorter, more tightly focused essays addressing more specific issues of concern. Uncertainty about Pakistans trajectory persists. The main problem of Pakistan is terrorism and rampart corruption in government.