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what he regarded as the original idea with the name of "pragmaticism". You can gain reputation, what are the disadvantages of a literary work? Phenomenalism edit Main article: Phenomenalism Most of Hume's followers have disagreed with his conclusion that belief in an external world is rationally unjustifiable, contending that Hume's own principles implicitly contained the rational justification for such a belief, that is, beyond being content to let the. A strong emphasis on sensory experience as the basis for knowledge) with certain insights from mathematical logic that had been developed by Gottlob Frege and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Enquiries Concerning the Human Understanding and Concerning the Principles of Morals.

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For example, an apple can be perceived in various colours, sizes, and textures but it is still identified as an apple. If an apple was structured differently, it would cease to be an apple. A Fresh Look at the British Tradition European Journal of Philosophy, 7,. Hume argued that it requires inductive reasoning to arrive at the premises for the principle of inductive reasoning, and therefore the justification for inductive reasoning is a circular argument. Evaluation: The last step involves evaluating the results that were obtained after rigorous testing.