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Amritsar. He put in two swords, Miri and Piri, representing temporal and spiritual power. Guru Angad Dev was born as Lehna in the village of Sarae Naga in Mukhtar district of Punjab on March 31, 1504. He organized the Sikhs into Khalsa to oppose the tyranny of the Mughals. He, hence, became the second guru of the Sikhs. In his opinion God is deathless, viewer of truth, fearless, enemy-less, unborn, express-in-himself. He established the Khalsa, The Pure Ones, in 1699. He was the first of the gurus who took up arms to defend the faith.

He even started the construction of the well-known Golden Temple at Amritsar. His direction was a middle path between sanyas and earthly life. His birth anniversary is celebrated on May 2nd.

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He was born in the village named Talwandi near Lahore on 15th day of April, 1469. Hence, he had to face martyrdom at the refusal to accept Islam when offered by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. During his life time he visited many sacred places in India, central Asia and Middle East including Mecca. He made Sikhism very popular during his life time and there by attracted the attention of the Mughal Emperors. The Gurus are believed to be universal men who renew the eternal wisdom, free the minds from bigotry and superstitions, dogmas and rituals and emphasize the simplicity of the religion. He became the ninth guru of the Sikhism community. "India was once again blessed by God with Guru Nanak, possessed of all attributes of a prophet, a complete and perfect human being. It was Guru Angad Dev who introduced the Gurmukhi script (written form of Punjabi) and made it popular amongst all Sikhs. He even visited Mecca and Baghdad in Arabia and Persia.

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