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could not stand it, considering the mixture of parts, to which they were not accustomed (i.e. Daulne was born in Zaire, of a Belgian father and Zairean mother, and grew up in Belgium. It is imagined, but it replicates some of what we know about musical diplomacy from other sources. It is, as we have seen, a value attached to certain kinds of cultural transmission, usually of a positive nature, and thus a deeply ideological category. An ethical critique emerged only later over the attribution and ownership of creativity. Many studies have concluded that music influences humans positively and negatively. 8 The traffic in musical styles between West Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean continues to be intense, as Rick Shain has shown in various publications (see, for example, Shain 2009). The Effects of Music on the Mind, Brain, and Body 659 words - 3 pages Music has incredible effects on the brain and body! It is also a history of resistances and accommodations, identifications and senses of difference, tastes and pleasures, circulating on ever-increasing scales. 10The Abbot, Voltaire-like, playfully provokes his companions with suggestions that, from a certain perspective at least, it might be we who lack civilization, not they.

(Persians, from various parts of todays Central Asia, represented the dominant musical style in the Ottoman court in this period.) Challenged in return, the French violinist could manage no more than four notes of the tune the Persian musician played. Since the dominant ideology in the west rests on villainizing and infantilizing southern countries it is no surprise that their presentation of conflicts and issues in Somalia is often absent of Western affiliation as the cause of these problems. I also share these writers acknowledgment that creativity is located in a complex indeed, peculiarly intense - field of social values.

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All of this, too, might be said of World Music today, and its scholarly twin, ethnomusicology. For example Gold Typhoon which is a independent label based in china is organized by the Warner Music Group. Lomax also states that essays on world war 2 due to the widespread distribution of industrialized music and the loss of music that exemplifies cultural aspects and characteristics, civilizations are not maintaining. The negative aspects of being signed by a major label are that the artist could be tied into a contract that only benefits the company for example getting global recognision but all the money made goes straight to the company, also the artist could. The Ottomans begin to experiment with music notation, to adopt western instruments, to standardize their repertories, and to facilitate performance in larger, coordinated ensembles. In many of the monotheistic traditions, God alone is deemed capable of creating; man merely imitating.