se1101e essay

reflection paper should be mostly about your personal insights. Chapter 4: A Question of Identity: Different Ways of Being Malay and Muslim in Malaysia (Judith Nagata). The final exam is just MCQ (don't know if that's still the case and if you've paid attention during the whole course, it is very, very manageable. It could be your experiences and beliefs. The prof tends to steer things if the group goes off-course or if he wants to lead you towards something interesting to consider. Dates, lecture topics, readings (Note: All readings will be available on ivle as PDFs). Aside from writing in general is not easy for most people, it will be more difficult if you dont know what you need to write. It is a simple reflection paper. I'm told you might want to beware the workload because you have to both do the readings and watch the movies. I hope this is the right thread to post my questions:p I'm thinking of taking either EL1101E or PH1102E to fulfill the humanities basket.

With regard to Prof Pelczar as a lecturer, what I really liked was the way he explains things, IMO. Writemyessay4Me in-house writers, who specialize in writing of custom papers on academic topics. Week 4 3/9 - 7/9, lecture 4: Religion in Southeast Asia, the class introduces the major religions of the region and explores how processes of localization and translation continue to the present day.

There is no rule on how you should write the introduction but it is best to give them an idea a general statement that prepares them for the body of your reflection paper. The Peoples of Southeast Asia Today : Ethnography, Ethnology, and Change in a Complex Region. . Week 8 8/10 - 12/10 Lecture 7: Violence The class examines some of the episodes of political violence that have occurred in Southeast Asia in the twentieth centuries, and how survivors have understood and integrated these episodes in their lives. Others would give a general topic such as the best childhood experience. Personal experience-wise: ok, first thing to take note is that Prof Pelczar didn't conduct all the tutorials for my sem. What is a reflection paper? In any case, hope you enjoy the mod if you do take it!

So I'm not really going to talk about his tutorials. The ones that are written by philosophers aren't technical so treat it like a GP summary. You have some percentage of your assessment going to tutorial participation, but that just really amounts to showing. Kaleb, 10:52 PM, hi, anyone taken GEK 2040: Philosophy and Film before? Everyday Life in Southeast Asia - Chapter 23: Narratives of Agency: Sex Work in Indonesia's Borderlands (Ford and Lyons) Week 13 12/11 - 16/11 Lecture 11: Concluding Lecture (no readings) and Exam Review NO readings final exam Monday, 9:00am) Venue TBA. Tutorial 1 : Students do not need to prepare a question for this week's tutorial. Question: What is Southeast Asia? E not boring, but they're webcast. He also tries to present things in an interesting way, his examples are clear and pretty simple, and he does love to use pictures. Everyday Life in Southeast Asia. Tutorial discussion topics, week 1 13/8 - 17/8, lecture 1: Introductions and Housekeeping (No formal lecture). Week 10 22/10 - 26/10 Movie: Citizen Dog The movie brings together a variety of themes already explored in the module, including power, gender, violence, and marginality and points towards the following weeks lecture on urbanisation.