essay on health problems faced by people

health issues can be the key to their recovery and/or management. Often he faces the loss of spouse and old friends. In order to prevent this embarrassment, the patient will tends to avoid taking part in normal social activities. It is a hidden condition and for some people, is hard to comprehend. The old age is an integral part of human life.

We will write a custom essay sample. Self-esteem, disabled people tend to have a lower self-esteem, which means the loss of identity associated with work and independence, changes in appearance. Self stigmatization is also called felt stigma. Non-disabled people may simply be appreciative of the apparent successes of disabled people in meeting difficult challenges (Kleck, Ono Hastorf, 1966). Indeed the loneliness and. Sick role, illness is viewed as deviance because sick people withdraw from a biological norm of health and feelings of well-being, and withdraw from normal patterns of social behavior (Weitz, 2013). Society -as-whole-1 People are living. Old People: a Burden to Society Essay.issues has focused on the proposition that the world faced a population explosion.

Moreover, over 50 of the disabled women have difficulty in finding boyfriends or getting married because most men worries about the ability of disabled women to take care of the family and their ability of reproduction as well as complications during pregnancy or laboring (Germov. Its the high costs to take care of elder people that causes couples not to give birth. Elderly respondents taking part in focus group discussions reported that public health providers utter discouraging remarks, for example: Wewe si mgonjwa, shida yako ni uzee, translated into English as: You are not sick, your problem is old age (Ochola. Research Purpose The purpose of this study is to analyses views of older people and health workers on indicators, context, causes and interventions in elder abuse in primary health care in Kenya. Moreover, mentally retarded people may have difficulty in expressing themselves and thus other people find it difficult to communicate with them. Health Problems Essay.various stressors are connected to health (Nevid and Rathus, 2005). In other words, it is the ratio of population divided by resources.

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