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of a unit on Ancient Greece. Encyclopaedic Dictionary The Helios (in Greek). The donors are described, it will be noticed, as toi Malioi, 'the Melians'. Have students turn to page 342 in their textbook and study the graph. Various countries around the world favor different economic practices, which include; socialism, capitalism, communism, hellip. Maps of, the World, Europe Lesson Background: This is the second lesson of a unit on Ancient Greece. 78 The ecclesia officially accepted Philip's harsh terms, including the renouncement of their claim to Amphipolis.

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See original text in the Latin Library. 49 All these speeches, which offer early glimpses of his general principles on foreign policy, such as the importance of the navy, of alliances and of national honour, 50 are prosecutions ( graph paranmn ) against individuals accused of illegally proposing legislative texts. See if students can convert the bar graph into a pie chart. Kapparis, Apollodoros against Neaira,. 90 He also negotiated with the Athenians an amendment to the Peace of Philocrates. Vince singles out five as spurious: On Halonnesus, Fourth Philippic, Answer to Philip's Letter, On Organization and On the Treaty with Alexander. Subject Matter/Skills Outline, following is a list of essential thinking skills and related concepts that will be related to each days activities.

I used several textbooks. This unit will include lessons on: The key role of geography in the development of Greece. Lesson Background: This is the third lesson of a unit on Ancient Greece. It will also delve into Greek mythology, the differences between Sparta and Athens, and the Persian Wars. In 351 BC, Demosthenes felt strong enough to express his view concerning the most important foreign policy issue facing Athens at that time: the stance his city should take towards Philip. Ancient Rhetoric and Oratory.

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