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a long time past without knowing it) is far less hopeful than my own determination to accept problems as the normal material. Pickvdck in a breath that money was in the Fleet, just what money was out of it; that it would instandy procure him almost anything Dhtgley JytU Sf The Fleet I 47 he desired; and that, supposing he had it, and had no objection. Since the invention of printing and the spread of literacy, verse no longer has a utility value as a mnemonic, a device by which knowledge and culture were handed on from one generation to the next, and, since the invention of the camera, the draughtsman. The Well of Narcissiis 152 The Victim The victim has to try to satisfy two contradictory require- ments. The trade and profit of the city Consisteth of all nations 220 The Shakespearian City that is to say, on buying cheaply here and selling dearly there, and its wealth lies in its accumulated money capital. When they ask for bread dont give them crackers as does the Church, and dont, like the State, tell them to eat cake. In a shame-culture, there is no real difference between statements in the third person and statements in the first; in a guilt-culture, they are totally distinct.

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Since we are not autonomous beings who can create and sustain our lives by ourselves, every human being is in debt to God, to Nature, to parents and neighbors for his existence, and it is against this background of universal thesis harzadious harmful materials human debt that we view. But human beings are not pure persons like angels; they are also biological organisms, almost identical in their functioning, and, to a greater or lesser degree, they are neurotic, that is to say, less free than they imagine because of fears and desires of which. I dont idealise them. Much as I loathe the type- writer, I must admit that it is a help in self-criticism. When they lost this belief, they lost every- thing. In practice, this seems to be impossible. But the music is interrupted by the realities of time with the arrival of Peto. The reader does not have to share the beliefs expressed in a poem in order to enjoy.

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