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Another issue facing civil engineer is the present path of the professional that allows only four years for a degree hence preparing practitioners inadequately. Some personal skills necessary to succeed are communication, computers, foreign languages. UK contributes 55 of Co2 to the total gas emitted (Ghanbari Parsa and Akhavan Farshchi, 1996). Project planning AND sustainability issues, after the hurdle of project selection and its sustainability issues, then next is project planning. Sustainability Issues In Civil Engineering Environmental Sciences Essay. Civil engineer is a very important career in our lives. Chidiac, (2009 described the durability of concrete in particular to depend on the qualities of material, design, construction and condition its been subjected to during and after its manufacture. In the wake of environmental awareness, civil engineers have to develop structures that enhance environmental sustainability. The labour was hard, and I only made a few pound an hour, but I always enjoyed the job because I was working outside on the front line.

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Climatic changes are also one of the issues that practitioners face as they have to develop in a manner that will not increase carbon in the atmosphere. At first it reminded me of architecture which I thought was a very interesting subject but I didnt have the artistic side, but with civil engineering, I have always appreciated the large structures and buildings which have surrounded me and I have always had respect. Building and Transportation Infrastructure Designs, buildings should be approached with a system and process which will apply and integrate essential values into building performance. Barcus also adds that attaining more sustainable built and natural environment is an important issue faced by the professional practitioners. Therefore, in selecting construction materials, lifespan of the material should be highly considered because a good combination material having a high lifespan makes projects last long and brings its maintenance and demolition rate low. Materials used for construction also have sustainable issues with the way construction projects are designed, most of the materials use up energy when in the manufacturing stage or transporting materials to site. Once the information has been put in once and saved you dont have to re-enter it and with a few clicks, accurate drawing and other helpful things such as graphs can be drawn up and printed out which will be very helpful during presentations etc.