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in the physical environment of the centres of learning, such as the design of the building, the availability of water, electricity and toilet/sewerage facilities will enable students to participate in the range of learning activities in and out of the classroom and provision. Ø What are benefits and disadvantages of non-traditional methods of teaching? Learners are proud of their stars and enjoy the positive reinforcement.

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An inclusive system will facilitate the inclusion of vulnerable learners and reduce the barriers to learning, through targeted support structures and mechanisms that will improve the retention of learners in the education system, particularly learners who are prone to dropping out. This will greatly help the children face the reality of living in the real world. Ø What are kinds of intellectual disability? Regular needs assessment should be conducted to identify the types and content of the technical assistance activities that are most needed. This can be done professionally or by the teacher. Complete the table Modern foreign researches in the field of special pedagogy and record an audio for it: Name of research or author Main characteristics. Prepare a presentation for the topic Famous persons with speech impairment (10-15 slides) and record audio or film a video for the presentation. This means that the system should not disregard each childs own character in the process of learning.

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