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in there country was Great Britain. Petersburg, the cities that were the main focus of industrial enterprises, created their own representative councils (soviets) which organized peasant uprisings, revolts of non-Russians, and student demonstrations. Clothing was produced locally, making use of animal hides and furs. The women and young girls had to work on the large machines and had to go fast.

During the Industr ial Revoltuion, workers became more productive, items were manufactured.
With the dawn of industrialization Production s most valuable resource.
Mark Carrillo 4/12/10 Differences Between Female Japanese and English Mill.
In England the textile revolution began around 1760 and a series.

So how were their experiences different? Examples include capitalism, democracy, religious freedom, justice, and meritocracy. Female Mill Workers in England and Japan Essay.Christian Cooper Female mill workers in England and Japan were similar by these reasons. tags: industrialization, globalization Term Papers 1830 words (5.2 pages) Preview - Rapid Industrialization and modernization come with its downside. When looking at the difference at the backgrounds from female workers from Japan and England the show few similitarities between these two areas. tags: industrialization, modernization Strong Essays 1321 words (3.8 pages) Preview - The Technology of Industrialization (U.S. Cities grew and developed rapidly, women began to work outside of their homes and farmers felt the impact as rural living developed. The statistics associated with this type of growth are particularly striking: "Human beings took more than 3 million years to reach a population of 1 billion e second billion came in only 130 years, the third billion in 30 years, the fourth billion. This gesture also showed how they did not respect Queen Hatshepsut because they altered her image as a male.

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