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were withheld from the mammary cell, which stopped it from dividing. Sheep embryos rely on their own genes after four cell divisions which is apparently enough time for the foreign nucleus to take over and reprogram the egg. This technique may be used to mass-produce animals that mimic human diseases for research purposes or to create animals with genetically modified organs that could be safely transplanted into humans. As of today, natural way of reproductions is definitely the cheapest one.

The problem with lack of genetic.
Up until now genetic engineering and cloning has been used to clone plants, unicellular organisms, amphibians and simple mammals.
This has led to significant advances in agriculture, industry.

But it will probably leave humanity with a far more important question, as to how to put it to the right use. Dolly the sheep was successfully cloned by transferring the nucleus of a non-reproductive cell, a mammary cell, into an unfertilized sheep egg from which its own genetic material had been removed.

Scientists use this practice is used in many labs all around the world, to create more advanced medicine and agricultural products. Klone (Kreb, 1985.164) defined simply in Greek means twig, a twig that you could place in the ground and the parent plant would be reproduced, better known now as propagation. Cloning And Genetic Engineering Essay 2216 words - 9 pages transplanted into or fused with an egg whose nucleus has been removed. Propagation has long been under the influence of genetic engineering in the form of selective breeding. This type of cloning is very exciting.

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genetic cloning essays