crime in big cities essay

arrest; thus, if an arrest is the only recourse for the police, the residents' fears will go unassuaged. Measured by the total pay of its inhabitants, Manhattan grew only a shade more quickly than the state of New York has done over the past decade. The ideapushed by the Tamil Nadu government, which provided tax breakswas to create a new city to take pressure off the old one. Croydons old office blocks are being converted into apartments for people who will commute to the city centre. They have space and freedomto paint their houses bright green, to build extensions for grandparents, to have barbecues in their front yards, to keep chickens (a few even keep horses).

Lakewood looks likely to be the rule, not the exception. Mr Angel finds that population densities tend to drop when Chinese cities knock down cheaply built walk-up apartments and replace them with high towers.

This ielts discussion essay sample answer is estimated at band. The suburbs, meanwhile, added.8m domestic migrants and only lost.2m, suggesting their pull remains enormously strong. It has also forced many people into undignified homes, widened the wealth gap between property owners and everyone else, and enriched rentiers. Completing university education is thought by some to be the best way to get a good job. They each have three bedrooms (middle-class Tamil families are small these days) and a covered driveway to protect a car from the melting sun. But many of its white inhabitants fled in the 1980s following a strange cluster of leukaemia cases. Mountain View in Silicon Valleyhome of Googleis trying to create a modest downtown. Just how powerful and widespread this centrifugal trend will be is suggested by the work of Shlomo Angel, a geographer at New York University. This pattern, which cannot be found in any other large Japanese city, is partly the result of the dramatic shrinking of the Japanese family and the ageing of the suburban population.

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