spending days with grand parents essay

grandmother. I guess that happens with time as we change our roles. But I have heard a lot about them from my parents and people in my native place. They know that the world out there is rough and tough, and you deserve consolation to lift your spirits. Rrendar, Class VII, Bharathi Vidhyaa Kendra, icse, Avinasi Taluk, Tirupur. They are our teachers, counsellors, value-educators, lovers, well-wishers, doctors, true friends and what not? However, that way of learning also has its own advantages. You must have guessed why I am writing about grandparents. At least some of them do!

They know life is short, so they should live fully, make the best of every moment, and make up with others. S.U.Rajalakshmi Class XII, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Gandhigram * Grandparents play a vital role in their grandchildren life. Laasya Rayaprolu, class VI, Gitanjali Devashray, Secunderabad unfortunately I did not have much memories with my grandparents as they passed away when I was very young. No matter if it was winter; spring, summer, or fall the wood was always there. I get to chat and play with them. They have always been guiding me through difficult and rough times. . Kitha, class X, Jindal Vidya Mandir, Tornagallu, Bellary my grandparents used to tell me bed time stories and I feel comfortable to share my feelings with them. Social would mean meeting friends and being with family, so always encourage family get together as those times are precious.

On another note, Harleena is taking the children to meet their grandfather as he nears his 75th birthday and will be back on 15th September. How many grandparents do you see punishing their grandchildren in whatever ways? Its wise and being smart to learn from the failures, success, and the lessons of life of others and save yourself from wasting time learning them and making mistakes. They give you their time, their shoulder for you to lean upon, their ears to listen to your talks and woes, and so much more. So, what can we learn from grandparents? Be Content, my grandparents were cool and calm. They take atmost care. I too like to do whatever little I can for them. I have learnt so much from them: discipline, respect for elders, kindness, humility, faith in god, and above all, being a good human being. I guess that is the reason they were always relaxed, because they had no regrets or guilt about being bad in their job.