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essay sample dedicated to this book. I would definitely recommend it to others to read. As you can see Lieutenant Jimmy Cross was carrying Lavenders death on his shoulders. In Tim OBrians novel The Things They Carried the role of motivation is different for every character. Get The Assistance You Need! Tim OBriens 1990, The Things They Carried, is a collection of interconnected short stories that retell the adventures of the men of the Vietnam Wars Alpha Company.

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Female characters express important life values and fill the book with different emotions. Johns Hopkins University Press, doi:10.1353/plc.2016.0068. One day the Alpha Company leaves for an operation, but even there the lieutenant cannot concentrate and thinks about his distant love. In conclusion, The Things They Carried is an autobiographical collection of novels written by Tim OBrien about the Vietnam War. Thus, Mary Anne Bell symbolizes the loss of innocence of all soldiers who go through the horrors of war. Tim OBriens The Things They Carried Essay: The Role of Women. You separate it from yourself (1990,. Im referring to Lieutenant Jimmy Crosss love for Martha. During the story each soldier has their own personal way of getting through each day. In Friend OBrien tells of a pact that Strunk and Dave Jensen had made, prior to Strunks death, with each man promising the other that if one of them were to be mortally injured, the other would take measures to see that death came quickly. This event makes Jimmy Cross to reflect on the unrequited love for Martha and to analyze the consequences of his obsessive thoughts about her.