oscar wilde's moving essay

but worked away for two months at our road. Show him the quality of any beautiful work of nature like the rose, or any beautiful work of art nursing student reflective essays like an Eastern carpetbeing merely the exquisite gradation of colour, one tone answering another like the answering chords of a symphony. How easy for you to change that and to produce goldsmiths work that would be a joy to all. For that beauty which is meant by art is no mere accident of human life which people can take or leave, but a positive necessity of life if we are to live as nature meant us to, that is to say unless we are content. Furthermore, do not put your designers in a barren whitewashed room and bid them work in that depressing and colourless atmosphere as I have seen many of the American schools of design, but give them beautiful surroundings. At the time, it looked as if Wildes tarnished name would sink with him into the grave. Of stained and variegated stone the quantity is unlimited, the kinds innumerable. Sold at every venue where he gave his talks, these imagesover which Sarony controlled the copyrightensured that Wilde became a celebrity icon. Napoleon Sarony, Portrait of Oscar Wilde, 1882. Michael Angelo wrought the one, and Tintoret, the dyers son, the other.

And what became of the road? Well, like a bad lecture it ended abruptlyin the middle of the swamp. And the little Dutch landscape, which you put over your sideboard today, and between the windows tomorrow, is no less a glorious piece of work than the extents of field and forest with which Benozzo has made green and beautiful the once melancholy arcade. The tour supported Cartes American production of Gilbert and Sullivans comic opera, Patience, which did much to promote the image of the modern art-loving man as an effete, sentimental, and somewhat vain fashionista. Do not imitate the works of a nation, Greek or Japanese, Italian or English; but their artistic spirit of design and their artistic attitude today, their own world, you should absorb but imitate never, copy never. Three more triumphant plays followed. A small but vocal minority of critics denounced it for its homoerotic subtext, and so it gained Wilde notoriety. One does not want to eat ones terrapins off a romantic moonlight nor ones clams off a harrowing sunset. An exhibition now underway at the Petit Palais in the heart of Paris proves otherwise. Were brighter colours required, let glass, and gold protected by glass, be used in mosaic, a kind of work as durable as the solid stone and incapable of losing its lustre by time. If you build in marble you must either carve it into joyous decoration, like the lives of dancing children that adorn the marble castles of the Loire, or fill it with beautiful sculpture, frieze and pediment, as the Greeks did, or inlay it with other.

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