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Literature Review Hip hop, a cultural movement that developed in urban communities during the 1970s, has become main stream in the 2007 American popular culture. When Tupacs body lay dead waiting for atomisation (autopsied his infamous tattoos were fully displayed, including his signature phrase, thug life, in large letters in a semi-circle around his abdomen. Women are merely sexual objects. Through questionnaires, participant observations, and focus groups my study might give some explanation as to why positive women in hip hop conform to the negatives of the culture with out compromising their positive influence. This competitive nature stood at the heart of Hip Hop. Black women in particular are usually not allowed a public voice, so with the rise of hip hop we see that they are no longer taking the back seat to men. Thinking on the spot, being under pressure, being unpredictable and real in the moment autobiographial essay as you do your thing, was one of the core skills originally associated with being a master of the form. My questions will target college students ages 18-35.

Hip -hop can be positive and negative to each individual differently depending on the person it does not matter if they are Black, White, Hispanic or Asian.
As hip hop promises to become main stream, it is gradually morphing into a component that will.
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It is critical for women in hip hop to counter these.
In order for positive representations to take place in hip hop, women have to speak out and ask hard.

Through my focus group I might also be able to determine if positive women in hip hop, regardless of their contributions, are recognized as negative women visually. As well as a essays on rokeby venus large number of Africans moving to the Northern Cities, so did many Latinos who had originally emigrated from Mexico, and Puerto. The gang members would carry out movements that would resemble actions that would take place in moments of violence with an enemy. Finally, Bennett states that hip-hop has the power to influence positive and negative effects on African Americans show more content, many rappers write songs that thousands of people can relate to in their day-to-day life. The Development of Hip Hop. Not much has really changed. The ancient African tribal rhythms and musical traditions travelled with the slaves and remained an important part of the life of an African slave in America, and after 300 years of slavery in the so called Land of the Free the sounds of Old Africa. (Dropping Science 213) The school playgrounds, community parks and centres helped bring what were once gang enemies in the ghetto together. (Zulu Nation website) Zulu Nation effectively reached out to the large number of current gang members in the Bronx and show them a chance of an alternate path in life. The next audition I will do the complete opposite.