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Lawrence won an Oscar for the Weinstein-produced "Silver Linings Playbook" in 2013, but the actress said in a statement that she was "deeply disturbed" by the allegations against him. And I'm listening." Getty Images Brie Larson 's breakout role was as a sexual assault survivor in "Short Term 12 and the actress has been an outspoken advocate through the years, memorably hugging survivors at the Oscars and refusing to applaud for Casey Affleck. Getty Images Ryan Gosling starred in 2010's "All Good Things which was produced by Weinstein, and in a statement on claremont graduate university dissertation Twitter the actor said he was "deeply disappointed in himself for being so oblivious" to Weinstein's behavior. Getty Images James Gunn shared a lengthy Facebook post titled "On Sexual Predators In Hollywood (and the World in the wake of the Weinstein scandal, condemning sexual predators in every industry. This mistreatment of women has to stop she wrote, adding that men can also be victims of sexual harassment. Getty Images, rosanna Arquette told the New Yorker that Weinstein lured her to his hotel room where he exposed himself to her, grabbed her hand and tried to place it on his penis. . Other international suicide helplines can be found at befrienders. "I'm not that girl. "He financed the first 14 years of my career - and now I know while I was profiting, others were in terrible pain.

It would have been ideal if he could have allowed time to mend his broken heart, as time will usually. "Weinstein couldn't kill this wave of warriors working to keep this story alive. "As always, I stand with the brave survivors of sexual assault and harassment she wrote. We cannot blame the victims here. . "This can't be women just speaking. "I fully embrace and salute their profound courage." Winslet won an Oscar for the Weinstein-produced "The Reader" in 2009. "I felt very powerless and scared but didn't want warrior gene essay to act that way, hoping that I was wrong about the situation she wrote, saying that guilt and fear kept her from speaking out sooner. I understand that people stay in unhappy marriages because of children, or because of money, etc. Getty Images Cara Delevingne, who appeared in The Weinstein Company's "Tulip Fever described her own experience of being sexually harassed by Weinstein in an Instagram post.