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and boring because everyone would be the same. It places pressure on up-and-coming athletes and poor nations who want to compete against people with drug enhanced abilities, or promotes the taking of drugs to young children who look up to athletes as role models. This raises the question of who should cloning be controlled by? Many of these arguments, can be narrowed down to two different views, there are those who put forward their own individual point of view and those who put forward what they think is best for the community. 2713 Words May 2nd, 2016 11 Pages. Judging by the current growth rate, it is estimated that the population will double in 20 years. So I think it should be controlled by the government or government authorities.

Human Awareness Essay On Cloning Essay, Research Paper.
Human Awareness Essay Source Analysis.
Should all babies be DNA fingerprinted at birth?

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human awareness essay

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Many said, who has the right to play God by creating life, and what are the moral obligations of the creator? All of these are positives and negatives relating to cloning but the question I want to ask is should cloning be controlled by the government or not? This creates a pattern unique to that individuals DNA. Quezon City, Metro ManilaFamilies of the victims of human rights abuse and leaders of progressive groups cry out for the release of political prisoners and call for justice for the victims of political persecution. Father of Noel Baes, a minor who was abused by cafgu operatives in Batangas.

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