essay on determination

so we asked him what question we could put on the Y Combinator application that would help us discover more people like him. Forging a character of steel, with determination, devotion and dedication over the period of years, we at seil, blended years of experience, production excellence and trained technical manpower and the amalgam of brilliance resulted in our setting up a hard working and ambitious enterprise. You're going to hit a lot of obstacles.

He applied to YC with some bad ecommerce idea. They must genuinely like one another, and work well together. They've known each other since second grade. In print they had to cut the last item because they didn't have room.). So you need the kind of intelligence that produces ideas with just the right level of craziness. It will probably take an hour or more, so be sure you have that much time before you begin.

That's the myth in the Valley. We funded them because we liked the founders so much. When you're starting a startup that depends on deals with big companies to exist, it often feels like they're trying to ignore you out of existence. What assets are accepted, click here to read more! WePay are a good example. Morally, they care about getting the big questions right, but not about observing proprieties. He thought for a second, and said. We told him we'd fund him if he did something else.