oral cancer research paper

predisposed to oral cancer. 4 Moreover, tobacco usually forms a part of marijuana smoking mix.

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Rosko Emily Marchiano Cate Haring Steven. Nikolaus Moeckelmann Ardalan Ebrahimi Ying. The exact pathogenesis of maté predisposing to oral cancer is still unknown. Georgios Angelidakis science essay scholarships post graduate Erich. This paper is an overview of the various etiological agents and risk factors implicated in the development of oral cancer. J Clin Periodontol 1998;25:246-52. Hernandez G, Arriba L, Jimenez C, Bagan JV, Rivera B, Lucas M,.

oral cancer research paper

The majority of references in this article were obtained from. The principles of the treatment of oral cancer and its sequelae are well.

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