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1954 Geneva Agreements. . Forces had been engaged in bombing and napalm attacks in the region around Pleiku, and that some of these had originated from the.S. In early October 1963, Kennedy authorized the withdrawal of 1,000 military personnel from Vietnam, slated for 1964, but this was contingent on the arvn successfully prosecuting the counterinsurgency war against the NLF. . Wilson who had been advised by administration officials to low-ball the numbers. . That doubt, in turn, made it less likely that I would succeed.

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This was necessary, he continued, in order to protect our men who are in Vietnam and to guarantee the continued success of our withdrawal and Vietnamization program. . In Rome, Pope Paul VI called for a negotiated settlement to the war sponsored and guaranteed by the United Nations. . 93 Robert Mann, in A Grand Delusion: Americas Descent into Vietnam (New York: Basic Books, 2001 expresses a similar view, writing that millions of deaths might have been averted had the American people and their leaders opened their eyes to the delusions leading them progressively. War Crimes in Vietnam. And that's well worth the trouble.

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