life of a roman soldier essay

essays for past 24 hour. Pay - Pay was low - Deductions were taken out for worn out gear, bedding food, boots, clothes etc.

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life of a roman soldier essay

A Roman Soldier was forbidden to marry. Essays Related to What was life like for a Roman Soldier? Rome responded by sending 60,000 Roman soldiers under the command Vespasian to handle this problem.

His wife, father and mother see him only during the holidays. The centurions were harsh taskmasters. For example, at Vindolanda a horse skull was found, with a ballista bolt imbedded in it, and a number of square holes the size and shape of ballista bolts. 5.12.2, roman soldiers building a wall. Roughly 10 for my bedding, 80 for food and 60 anthropology essay further in interpretive knowledge local for clothes. Soldiers were expected to be workers, implement construction designs and do every thing. The discipline in the life of a soldier is most remarkable and most admirable. For a more serious crime such as sleeping while on guard or not showing up for guard duty at all would result in being beaten, flogged or being lowered in rank. The food I ate varied quite often. All the forts on Hadrians Wall have been excavated, and each reveals yet more archaeological evidence. When I first became a legionary there was no inital training or boot camp to become an official soldier.

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