essay on mathematics in everyday life

that it can be hit it with the maximum power, to score maximum runs. He has to do it equally or else they will start fighting.

People who are bad at numbers curse the education department for including maths in the curriculum. After you complete your meal and the waiter gets the bill, you have to total the items and check the total bill. Here again, you will require Maths. When the doctor gets the results from their blood tests, he/she is able to see what their iron and vitamin levels are. Teachers also require Maths in calculating whether they have received the right amount as their salary. When you reach the restaurant and look down at the menu to select what to eat, you will observe that the restaurant owner has worked out and given how much is the cost of making the dish, staff wages, and overheads and so on,. We use maths in all of them. The owner has also created the prices keeping in mind future inflation.

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