for and against living in the countryside essay

the other hand, they don't earn so much money. If you don't have your own car, you may have problem how to commute to work. Public transport is also over-crowded. From the other hand, the noise and pollution level in big cities is really high. Country life is very peaceful and silent. They always react when something strange is happening.

What is more, if you want to relax, you can go to a forest, sit under a tree and breath with fresh air, which is generally clean in the coutry. However, there are a lot of positive aspects of living in the country side, there are also some disadvantages. Sometimes its difficult to find a cheap apartment, so living in a city becomes very expensive. The same problem concerns the access to the hospitals, schools, police stations and shops, which are usually located far from the village.

From one hand, it is always easier to find a good job or to visit interesting places and exhibitions. We also go away each Saturday and Sunday to visit my grandparents.

There are no advantages, but only disadvantages, and the worst is that there is no scholls in the area. As for me, I quickly become tired. There aren't a lot of housebreaks and the possibility of burglary is also lower. I should say that the city is really beautiful and many people from smaller towns and villages come to work and study here. In the country there are many plant species. One advantage is that there are not many cars. It is a big problem.

For and against living in the countryside essay
for and against living in the countryside essay

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