the tragedy of julius caesar persuasive essay

and pragmatic qualities. He started with what seemed to be agreeing with Brutus but turned into a speech against the conpirators. Next Essays Related to The Art of Persuasion in Julius Caesar. This was effective because the use of this line makes it seem as if Brutus was so noble that he would sacrifice something he loved dearly for the sake of Rome. Two sides formed during the play, and these two characters were the leaders of each side, respectively. It is used in the line O judgement! Brutuss speech during Caesars funeral was one that would temporarily protect himself and the conspirators from the wrath of the Romans after he murdered their beloved leader. Next, he asks the crowd to use reason instead of emotion to judge him, as many people loved Caesar greatly. This point of view allowed him to make judgments that assumed only the best of people. Brutus knows for sure at this point that Caesars soul could rest peacefully.

This weakness proved to be fatal in the play. Throughout the play a few main characters present themselves as possibilities for being the tragic hero. The tone of voice he uses in his speech is one indication that he does not mean what he says. tags: Character Analysis. Each of the two characters gained some kind of wisdom before they came to an unhappy end. I saw Marcus Brutus as a second tragic hero in this play. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, monument essay aplace term paper, or research paper. In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, although Marc Antony is allowed to make a speech at Caesar's funeral, he must not speak ill of either the conspirators or Caesar. Based on Brutus knowledge, his decision to kill Caesar was justified with reason, being innocently misled and manipulated, and the intention of doing what was best for the general good of Rome.

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