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of the history of the Big Bend Texas area; it exemplifies Gonzales' relationship to his personal history (grandparents) and mother nature. The imagery is haunting. Kevin rated it it was amazing review of another edition, my father was a Vietnam veteran, whose experiences and lessons for me mirrored those of Laurence Gonzales' World War II veteran father's for him. The last chapter, No Escape, takes into a large psychiatric hospital that includes the criminally insane; just as we enter the book in a prison, we leave the book from a psych ward; it is beautifully extreme in its symbolism of all of us living. In the Belly of the Whale Gonzales takes us out to Gulf of Mexico oil rigs; the costs in terms of human life for us to drive gasoline powered vehicles is enormous, far more enormous than any of us ever give them credit for.

His journalism garnered two National Magazine Awards, and his latest nonfiction book, Surviving Survival, was named by Kirkus as one of the best books of is new collection. Bitte geben Sie Ihre Bewertung ein: Überschrift. Livre numérique (ePub découvrez toutes les liseuses numériques, découvrir).

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House of Pain is about cancer treatment at Cook County Hospital in Chicago; it reminded me why when I was in college and I would go home from working a shift in the Emergency Room I would soak my pillow in tears as I cried. Fire Fighters was one of the most engaging nonfiction compositions I've been blessed to read; it answers many questions about why risk takers do what they do, and how those risk takers cope when their best friends die horrific deaths burning alive. It makes Shawshank Redemption feel like a romantic story for middle school literature class. Wire Walker, the essay in which the cover picture is taken, is about the painful sacrifices the families of a traveling circus make- both in physical pain as well as other types of suffering. Although at least one or more of these essays will leave you shaken, as they should, I fully recommend this phenomenal book.more. Like his other books, Gonzales' storytelling skills are beyond description- his use of language is brilliant and craftful, yet without pretentiousness. This book, a collection of Gonzales' personal essays, is one of the most intensely engaging non fiction thrillers I've ever read (and I have a large collection of books within this genre). From these collections of essays he went on to write for renowned magazines in addition to publishing several books, including the best selling Deep Survival. Bush Pilots was a relative joyful account of the pains of being an Alaskan bush pilot, regularly taking risks that most would consider inconceivable. I left many of the essays feeling as if I had been through the experience, whether it was his own personal experience or that of someone he interviewed.