gender and relationships essay

him hastily. He just sees what he wants to see in her and expects her to be what he wants her. They behave and communicate in different ways depending on their social group, where they are in at the moment. S essay,?Keeping Company?, William? Within two hours seventeen subjects were observed, among which ten were men and seven were women. The observation involved the communication and interaction between men and women, between men solely, and between women solely.

At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the gender determines not only the behaviour of an individual but the gender of individuals one interacts with also does matter and influences behaviour patterns (Berry, 2011). The time of the observation was three hours from.00 am.00. At first, I observed a group of five men communicating and interacting with each other. If sex differences occur, the possible reasons for this occurrence will also be examined. Why Teenagers Suicide definition heroes essay. Gender And Relationships Essay, Research Paper. The point brought up in this study is that interactive behaviour is not just situationly specific, it also depends on the gender of participants.