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and cannot be answered or criticised. Chemical inventions were made in the attempt to produce combinations which would be destructive in war; we owe some of our most useful substances to discoveries which were made in this effort. The logical outcome was the ambition of each competitor to win universal dominion for itself and to impose a balance-of-power policy on each of the others.

These persons were generally those who are thrown into excitement by any proposition of free trade. She tells the men that they rob the public treasury and that some of them threw away their arms in battle and ran. Edition: current; Page: 153 Germany now has ambition for the first place among nations; she is sensitive and suspicious, and often seems quarrelsome. Capital also is dependent on the skill of the captain of industry for the certainty and magnitude of its profits. In the first case she was blamed, being considered guilty, and was treated accordingly; in the last case she enjoyed honor. In those laws men and women appear to be on an equality of personal rights. It is sure to grow into a great science, and one of the first in rank as regards utility to the human race. The thirst for luxurious enjoyment has taken possession of us all.

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Their idea was that they would never allow any of the social and political abuses of the old world to grow up here. For an example we may note how the humanitarianism of modern mores has colored and warped Christianity. He could have repeated these words, with equal truth, at the end of his incumbency; for the prime interest in Sumner's professional career from his election to the day of his retirement, in June, 1909, was the scrupulously faithful discharge of his academic duties; and. It is the in-group as a peace-group which is the school of rights; as we have seen, there can be peace and order inside only by law (using this term in its broadest sense but a law creates and enforces rights. He is suffering from the fact that there are yet mixed in our institutions mediaval theories of protection, regulation, and authority, and modern theories of independence and individual liberty and responsibility. The question about the Maine was one of the fittest subjects for arbitration that ever arose between two nations, and we refused to listen to such a proposition. The United States is stimulated by its growth and prosperity to unlimited hope and ambition.

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