essay on nationalism in the 19th century

not ready to become a whole human family. This allowed for larger European settlements to be set up in Africa and hence, the race for territories began. There were many other examples of writing, such as The White Mans Burden by Rudyard Kipling, which supported the belief of white men being of some supremacy and of the white mans need to colonize. It is commonly believed that it was the assassination of Prince Ferdinand of Austria, a direct byproduct of Serbian nationalism. By having control over distant lands, it would be a benefit, militarily, to have bases spread out around the world, especially during times of war.

This occurred during the scramble for Africa, wherein European nations raced to gain control over different areas in Africa. Because of imperialism, not only did Europeans have access to resources in Africa and Asia, but they also had access to cheap labor by forcing the natives of the lands to work for little or no money. Before Germany was united as a whole in 1871, the nation was separated into Germanic states and Prussia. They were fought in order to separate themselves from other nations, or keep other ethnicities out of their newly united nation. Examples of this would be the European colonies in the Americas and also influence in Asia. There were still very large illiteracy levels. Firstly, nationalism was used as a political tool for leaders to gain power.

essay on nationalism in the 19th century

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The quality of life was improved in terms of there being hospitals, a sewage system, and sanitary facilities and there was also an increase in employment opportunities. Bismarck, who happened to be ruler at the time, declared control over three territories in eastern and western Africa, which caused even more oboama columba thesis strain between European nations. Next Essays Related to Nationalism in the 19th Century. The Backward People and Our Relations with Them). 610) These leaders would pretend to help the people, but in reality they were manipulating and compromising to achieve their personal goals.

All of the capital went to the Europeans. Imperialism showed many affects toward all of the nations involved whether they were being dominated or doing the domination. The culture and religion of the colonized people was often condemned to try to have the people move in the way of the westerners. (Johnson, Sir Harry.