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didn't understand at that point in time what panic attacks were or how they happened but all I knew was that my mother was in and out of a local hospital to get help. I enrolled in my local community college and the build a good thesis statement changes were amazing. It felt so awful to all of a sudden have everything, and then just lose everything in a day. I was sinking into the first major depression of my life. I was completely and totally in love with this guy, he changed me in ways that Im proud of and ways that Im not proud. My junior year was spent in Tijuana, Show More. Everyone says that high school is the best four years of your life.

They can t wait to experience everything that comes with being in high. Free Essay: The High School Experience The high school experience is something tha t will forever dominate the psyche of most American adults. When you start a new school or a new grade you never know what to expect, all diff erent types of emotions are running through your head sometimes that could. In high school, I was a bad kid.

I had friends (and some amazing ones but I was never in the popular crowd - I was stuck. I hated high school. Im not proud of the events that happened after all of this, and Im not proud of how I let them change. In many ways, I felt like a failure - but how was I supposed to feel encouraged and like I could get through this in a school where so few cared? I went to the doctor for help because I knew I needed it - only to be torn down and feel like no one believed. It took a lot of time and years of struggling, but I made it through. How was I supposed to figure out what I wanted out of life or to build relationships when everything around me had begun to fall apart? Even these memories are fuzzy and most of them blocked out only to resurface years down the road and send me into a spiral of confusion. The social atmosphere that permeated every aspect of high school could show more content. Administrators and teachers are very quick to meet out severe punishment to those students that they have deemed worthless, while good kids get a slap on the wrist. Around that time, ralph waldo emerson friendship essay analysis my mother began to have some of her own health issues.

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