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needs Objectives To identify those with the potential to assume greater. The way information is circulated regarding the process of succession, plays a very important role in how the employees will perceive these changes and how they will react to them, which in turn will affect their job outcomes. In turn, mentoring programs help employees develop themselves and obtain opportunities for challenging assignments. In fact the changes that are imposed on the employees after succession have a huge impact on their motivation and intention to continue the job. Essay on Succession Plan. Stuart-Kotze and Dunn (2008) agreed that talent is not just about having the brainpower, the knowledge, the experience, the skill or the mental and physical characteristics to do something currently, it is also about to do something different or a higher order of difficulty and. In this respect, we can evaluate mentoring applications as helpful in attracting brick method of an essay and retaining high talent.

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This plan may persuade talented employees to remain with the organization versus looking for talent growth elsewhere. In addition to attracting and retaining talent, mentoring applications have also become important for organizations to build their own talent pool of organizations. Whilst employee retention has always been named in previous surveys as one of the top three HRs priorities, this years inclusion of succession planning let it transpire the importance HR recognize to long term growth and stability. The nineties marked the period of growing uncertainty, of increasing sped of change in the business environment and flatter structures (Mowtani., 2006; Cappelli, 2008; Cannell, 2009). To develop the employees you need for your succession plan, you use such practices as lateral moves, assignment to special projects, team leadership roles, and both internal and external training and development opportunities. By planning ahead, HR can provide managers with the right number of people, with the right skills, in the right place, and at the right time. Succession planning and management. Whilst succession planning could represent the basis for a firm having the talent assuring its future growth, strategic succession planning could couple this aim, with retention and development of organizations best talents. Traditionally, mentoring is viewed as a dyadic, face-to-face, long-term relationship between a supervisory adult and a novice student that fosters the mentees professional, academic, or personal development (Donaldson, 2000). Talent is critical because it is the role of a strong human resource function to manage everyone to high performance (Buckingham and Vosburgh, 2001). For testing hypotheses the Correlation Model was used to identify the influenced factors based on the correlation value which is significant at the.05 level.