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challenge, students what is real estate essay then work in pairs to draft a short letter or e-mail, expressing how they feel about the proposed plan. Each group has a large piece of paper. Provide challenge by giving students a strict time limit. The result of this desire to communicate is that students will want to be more accurate in their writing. 42, summer jobs, look at the job advert and email and do the exercises to improve your writing skills. Don't eat too many biscuits' etc. Conclusion This article has addressed the issue of motivation in writing at elementary level. One possible problem about students working in pairs is that only one student is writing. And not just because I'm correcting. The idea is to provide a real context and a real 'need' to write.

85, an invitation, look at the email and do the exercises to improve your punctuation and writing skills. This activity is inspired by the poem 'Top Twenty things that parents never say' by Gervase Phinn. If we can create an engaging context for student writing, and if it is addressed to a person, for a reason, with an expected response, I believe that their writing will naturally become more communicative.

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In the item the mayor/ spokesperson says that it's the only thing to be done, as a big road is going to come through town. Give a time limit, say 10 minutes. Creating challenge, make groups of four with a chairperson, writer, timekeeper and speaker. 143, a social network site, look at the messages and do the exercises to improve your writing skills. Ask: 'What do parents never say?' Now read out a few possibilities,.g. It's about leaving in the communicative element of writing. Sign Up For Free, join the Member Site, this document is available on the Member Site. It's obviously important to choose something your students will short essay on slavery feel strongly about.

Free Account, thousands of free teaching activities 15 sample abctools for creating custom documents. Follow-up, creating real communicative follow-up.g. Extensive clip art library, free monthly newsletter, membership information and discounts. (It's best to ask his/her permission first.) Students then read the letter. Make a short radio 'news item' with some shocking local news of interest to your students. We have to create the need to communicate if we want to bring this communicative focus to our classroom writing activities. Elicit some of the rules that the students' parents impose at home.

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