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section looks at these activities and places them in their proper perspective. Similarly with discretion is that the law may not cover every situation a police officer encounters, so they must use their discretion wisely. Reference statistics in your resulting paper, using these numbers to prove the danger of disease contraction and the effectiveness of universal precautions or other prevention methods. As Van Maanen (1978) described, The newcomer is quickly bombarded with street wise patrolmen assuring him that the police academy was simply an experience that all officers endure and has little, if anything, to do with real police work (p. Policepersons such as Rosalie Maggio, author of The Bias-Free Word Finder, a Dictionary of Nondiscriminatory Language. tags: Police Corruption 2014 Strong Essays 3500 words (10 pages) Preview - Internship with the Police Department Throughout my one hundred and twenty-hour experience with the Gloversville Police Department, I learned many skills, values and the ways of this Police Department. Court documents stated that a 26 year old woman and a male friend were robbed at gunpoint by two black men in the parking lot of a Dallas liquor store in November 1979. There must be training for supervisors and managers, communication specialists and investigators, as well as street officers. Jonathan Rubinstein (1973) was one of the first scholars to thoroughly discuss the formation of suspicion.

Depending narrative essay fast on how an officer sees their duty to society will determine an officers discretion. During this time period, the fleeing-felon doctrine was considered reasonable. After officers have negotiated successfully their initial training, most are assigned to the patrol function and, as a result, have the most contact with the public. In other words, patrol officers need certain skills and those on specialized assignments need others. Police have the choice to enforce certain laws and how they will be enforced. tags: Police Corruption 2014 Better Essays 1500 words (4.3 pages) Preview - Use of Excessive Force by Police Introduction: Police officers are given a significant amount of discretion simply due to the nature of the job.

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